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The Creation Process

The following will attempt to provide an explanation of the process undertaken to create one of Joachim Haupt's remarkable lacquer foil paintings.

The labor-intensive process of creating each piece must begin by first making a canvas of sorts that allows for a painting surface. The "canvas is begun by securing raw silk vertically and horizontally over wood panels. Natural lacquer is then applied over the silk in many layers (8 or more) and permitted to slowly dry in the cool, humid environment of a wine cellar. Fully cured panels are then buffed and thoroughly polished using charcoal dust until glossy black and extremely smooth.

Before painting can begin, the finer side of the "canvas" is selected and then carefully covered (entirely) with squares of delicate silver leaf. Haupt's painting can now finally begin as acrylics are applied directly over the silver leaf surface. As the artist paints, he must simultaneously visualize the placement (next step) of handcrafted elements and colorful foils yet to occur.

Movement into the New Millennium X

35 x 47"

Handcrafted elements such as abalone, eggshell and mother of pearl are then carefully incorporated into the paintings. Depending on the piece, additional painting may occur over and around these particular elements. An additional application of gold leaf and/or colorful foil may also be included. The inclusion (or omission) jof any element or embellishment reflects the artist's assessment of "what each unique piece calls for." The diversity of subject matter and genre plays a significant role in decision.

Numerical Movement #36 Close-up

A work is finally complete when two or more coats of mixture composed of natural lacquer from the Son Tree (lacquer tree) and pulverized granite are applied to the surface of the piece. These final clear coats provide a protective surface that dramatically accentuates both the color and the atureal beauty of the elements inherent to each painting. Back to top of page


Artist Joachim Haupt
Joachim Haupt Bio

Joachim Haupt is a German artist, born in Berlin. In Europe, Asia and the U.S., Haupt is known for the modern abstract mixed media technique that he developed called Lacquer Foil Art.

His lacquer foil pantings incorporate lacquer, gold and silver leaf, acrylic paint, wood, silk, abalone shells, eggshells and mother of pearl to bring the painting "to life" with "The Magic Shine."

The "living" painting changes as the viewer or the light source moves. The reflections, the shimmers and the play of light created by these impressive artworks cannot be shown in photos. That's the magic. Back to top of page



Over the last decade, Joachim exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and the United States, especially New York and Las Vegas. His exhibitions in California included Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Diego and San Francisco. He is presently showing in Laquna Beach at the Gallery – 750 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Exhibition List
Solo Exhibition Since 1995:

Permanent Public Collections:

Sheraton Bal Harbor - Los Angeles
Oriental Bank Berhad Headquarters -
Kuala Lumpur
Pfizer Inc. - Asia, Singapore/Kuala Lumpur
Johnson & Johnson - Singapore
Behn-Meyer - Kuala Lumpur

Secret Obsession
(45" x 48")


Sparta Gallery - Penang, Malaysia
Crown Princess Hotel-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Art Case Gallery - Singapore
Marco Polo Hotel - Singapore
Park Royal Hotel - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lima Exhibition - Langkawi, Malaysia
Stock Exchange - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oriental Bank Berhad Gallery -
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
German Embassy - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Goethe Institute - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Goethe Institute Bangkok - Thailand
Changi International Airport - Singapore
Gallery Asahi - Osaka, Japan
La Moda Gallery - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wack Wack Club - Manila, Philippines
Po Ai Art Center - Tapei, Taiwan
Silom Galleria - Bangkok, Thailand


Harbor Sheraton-San Pedro, California
The Regent/Beverly Wilshire - Beverly Hills, California
Bank of America - Laguna Beach, California
San Francisco Design Center - San Fransisco, California
Gallery 611 - Laguna Beach, California
Bloomingdale Fashion Island -
Newport Beach, California
Hotel Luxor - Las Vegas, Nevada
Bank of Commerce - San Diego, California
Franklin Bowles Gallery - San Francisco,
Residence of Dr. Greg and Liz Podsakoff -
Fullerton, California
Residence of Dr. Yossi Sidikaro -
Hollywood, California

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Special Collections

Selected Collections
Clint Black & Liza Hartman - Beverly Hills
Tunku Razaleigh - Kuala Lumpur
Sultan Hassan Bolkiah -Brunei
Sharon Stone - San Francisco
Chuck Noris - Malibu
Rita Kramer - Laguna Beach
Michael Saville - Laguna Beach
Yossi Sidikaro - Hollywood
Harold Drezner - Las Vegas

2003 Spina Fina Donation - California.
2002 Leukemia & Lymphoma - California
2002 9/11 Firefighter Fund - New York
1999 Aids Care - Singapore

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Joachim Haupt Book -
"The Shine Of Magic"

Enjoy Joachim's beautiful hardback book entitled "Joachim Haupt, The Shine of Magic" featuring over 20 years of his art.

60 pages of stunning art with an introduction by Joachim and an explanation of his creation process.

Please call (702) 869-9130 or
email: [email protected] to purchase.

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